5 Negative Effects Of Social Media On Your Mental Health

Cant take your eyes of your social media throughout the day? Read what it does to do.

6 Proven Health Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

Meditation has existed for thousands of years. Although only in the recent decade it has gained a tremendous amount of traction in the modern world. The physical and mental benefits that come with a consistent practice of meditation are virtually undeniable. It’s no longer just a ‘thing’ done by the monks or a Buddhist andContinue reading “6 Proven Health Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation”

Gratitude : Change the way you feel with Powers of Appreciation

Gratitude is a way of being thankful every day about what we have in our life, about showing appreciation towards certain things, people, music, tv shows, movies, books, it can be whatever that brings you joy in your life. If you think about it, every religion practices gratitude, before having a meal, being thankful toContinue reading “Gratitude : Change the way you feel with Powers of Appreciation”

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