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Who am I?

I am Rahul, I am a Nutritionist and ACE certified personal trainer.​

What I can tell you is that I have an endless passion for learning about nutrition and its impact on mental health, muscles, stress levels and so much more.

The one thing I love more than learning is sharing my knowledge with others.

I believe in Holistic health, which basically means if we want to lose weight, reverse a disease or to achieve any of our health goals, we can’t go on restrictive diets or rely on medications or certain foods to do wonders, The change has to be “Whole” in a way where we must improve all aspects of our lives and to do that it needs to be done in a gradual manner.

We must not expect results in weeks, it can take months or even years depending on people.  So to lead a holistic lifestyle, it will take time Hence the name Gradually Holistic. 

I created this space with the sole purpose of helping people achieve their lifestyle goals and also to share authentic information about Diseases, Diets, Mental health. So that people like me out there who crave for scientific and truthful information can rely on this space. 

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