Recovering from Mild Corona Virus? Here is What you Can Expect.

I was tested positive for COVID – 19, Today I share some of the things I experienced while I was sick and what you can do if you happen to have contracted the virus and are isolating at home.

It all began at the beginning of July, When my father started to display some symptoms, such as fever, dry cough, nausea, diarrhea, etc. We thought it would get better but unfortunately, the opposite happened.

He was getting worse day by day and eventually he had trouble breathing and that is when he had to be hospitalized where he was tested and found positive for COVID – 19 and has recovered since then.

So that’s the pathogenesis of my infection.

What were my symptoms?

How bad was it?

If I had to rate it on a scale of 1-10 I would rate it a 5 in terms of the severity of the toll it took on my body. I personally have experienced much worse infections in the past, which took weeks to recover fully and had major symptoms as well.

What were my Treatment and Medication?

The short answer is, Not much.

The reason being, In my locality, the people who test positive for COVID – 19 have to move into one of the Quarantine facilities, regardless if an individual has symptoms or not (Not a rule I agree with, but well). And while I was in there, the treatment included multivitamins such as B1, D3, and Vitamin C.

Other than that I tried to get enough amount of quality sleep at night. the better the quality of sleep the better I felt each day.

How soon did I recover?

It took me 7 – 10 days, to feel free of any symptoms. Although since having to move out of your home into a government facility is somewhat inconvenient and not easy to register in your mind. It led to acute stress and lack of sleep. Which I believe added a few days onto my recovery.

As soon as those two aspects improved, the recovery was a breeze. Otherwise, the symptoms that I experienced were not troubling in a way that caused inconvenience in my daily life.

Should you take this illness lightly?

No, just like any other disease, we must not take it for granted and do everything we can to protect ourselves and the people around us, and since this is a respiratory virus, which means you have a responsibility because if you are sick, you automatically put everyone else around you at risk as well. Therefore we must be cautious and not be complacent.

You may be young and healthy, although not everyone else in your home will be. like your parents, grandparents, etc. You may contract the virus and display mild symptoms as I did, but if you don’t take precautions at home, you might spread it onto others inadvertently. and they could have a worse time recovering from it than you did.

For people with Mild symptoms, you can recover at home in your own comfort, just make sure to keep an eye on your symptoms every day, if it gets worse or if it doesn’t improve, you may need to get hospitalized.

What can we do to recover at home?

**Keep in mind the above recommendation is only for people with mild symptoms.If your fever persists for a week, or if you are experiencing trouble in breathing, it is crucial to seek medical assistance right away.

What precautions can we take to safeguard others at home?

When can we end our Isolation at home?

**This checklist only applies to people with mild symptoms. There is no need for a negative test. The data suggests that people with mild to moderate symptoms become non-transmissible of the virus after about 10 days.


I believe we must focus on the things that we control, which is exercising, looking after your mental health, getting proper nutrition, and sleep.

Focus on creating an environment in your body that will allow it to fight off any infections once you get it. If you don’t take care of your body then who will? Remember prevention is cure.

We live in a society, where the fear of getting the virus is much more dangerous than the actual disease itself, it comes with stigma, anxiety, uncertainty attached to it.

To all the people who are reading this, Do not be afraid of getting infected, even if you do, most likely you will recover quickly.

Unless you are someone with a chronic disease like Diabetes, Hypertension, Asthma, or any inflammatory diseases, in that case, it might take a bit longer, yet the odds are good. if you get early medical intervention.

If you are one of those people who had the virus and recovered, share your positive experience with everyone, There are enough articles out there about the “dangers” of the virus, its time we overcome the fear with optimism, strength, and solidarity.


You are stronger than the virus.

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