6 Lifestyle Habits that Causes Low Energy Levels In Your Daily Life

Have you ever felt fatigued throughout the day or periodic bouts of low energy? If yes, then you must take action on improving certain aspects of your lifestyle which will be mentioned in this post.

Feeling fatigued or experience an acute lack of energy after a workout or a long workday is completely normal, however, if you get tired quickly or don’t feel that burst of energy throughout the day then that is definitely something you need to improve on.

What causes chronic fatigue in the first place? There might be many different factors that might your energy levels such as
Diminishing Mitochondria: Mitochondria is a powerhouse inside each of the cells in our body, it helps the body to absorb the nutrients from the food in order to generate ATP. i.e Adenosine triphosphate.

So as we age, the powerhouse of our cells Mitochondria loses its ability to kickstart the production of ATP as it did when we were younger, which results in the sustained lowered release of energy in the cells.

Other reasons include side effects of medication, like cholesterol-lowering drugs or other drugs meant for metabolic disorders that have strong side effects attached to it.

Chronic illnesses and depression also cause a drop in overall energy levels.
Apart from the above-mentioned conditions, there are also certain energy-sucking habits in our daily life that we must avoid.

1) Lack of Sleep

When we are sleeping, our bodies rejuvenate, repair, and heal the trillion cells in our body. So when a person is sleep-deprived, his/her body won’t have the required amount of rest and recovery needed in order for the body to get rid of the built-up toxins and inflammation.

When a pattern of less sleep continues, our cortisol levels go up (stress hormone), at the same time, there is an accumulation of the toxin which promotes inflammation, hormonal imbalance, nerve degeneration in the brain, etc

Hence it is important to fix the amount and the quality of sleep you are getting to improve your overall energy levels.

2) Inactivity

A person who is living a sedentary lifestyle without much movement throughout the day will most likely have low energy levels,. Because an inactive body causes the breakdown of muscle mass.

Remember, what you don’t use you lose, So when you don’t make good use of your muscles, by exercising or keeping your body active every day, that muscle will get broken down and get converted into glucose.

Therefore the less muscle you have, the less energy you will possess, and any sort of physical activity feel demanding for the body and you start to feel tired very quickly.

Any sort of exercise is good for the body, but to increase your muscle mass, walking or aerobic activities won’t do the job. So it’s imperative that you lift weights if possible or do any kind of bodyweight exercises like pushups, pullups, squats, etc.

Muscles are the organ of longevity, it is responsible for glucose metabolism, your immune fuction, it supports your bones, it acts as an amino acid reservoir when you get sick and much more. Therefore it’s extremely important to maintain sufficient muscle mass throughout our lives.

3) Stress

If you are under chronic stress throughout the day, your cortisol levels will stay high all the time, which pushes the body into fight or flight mode.

When the body is in the sympathetic state, it releases more of the counter-regulatory hormone, it senses a threat and stops fat burning, digestion, and other important bodily functions.

It also releases all the stored glucose from the liver and the muscles, which results in a sharp spike in blood sugar, and to regulate that spiked blood sugar, your body will release insulin which in turn converts that glucose into fat and stores it away for later use.

This results in diminished energy production for when you need it and severe hormonal imbalance.

Hence in order to balance out our stress levels, we must take time in our day to meditate, do yoga, aerobics, or whatever else that brings calm to your mind.

4) Poor Diet

Having a diet mainly consisting of processed and refined foods, including refined sugar and refined oils equals chronic fatigue.

Since your body is deprived of all the essential nutrients it needs to maintain an optimal energy balance.

It is necessary to include fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, meat, eggs, the right kind of oils, etc, and avoiding or moderating the consumption of processed foods.

5) Poor Fluid Choices

Drinking sugar beverages such as Coke, Pepsi or any other sweetened drinks leaves your body ultimately dehydrated.

Since the more sugar, you consume the more your kidney has to work to flush them out in your urine, So you end up urinating a lot while depriving your body of adequate water consumption.

When the body is dehydrated, its ability to generate ATP goes down significantly, especially if you have a lifestyle that involves a lot of movement, you must keep your body hydrated throughout the day according to the demands of your physical activity.

6) Too Much Screen Time

When you spend your time in front of your phones playing games or scrolling on social media, not only does it drain you of your mental energy, it makes it harder to focus on one thing, you get a short attention span.

Instead of connecting with people you love, like your family, friends have shown to increase the release of feel-good hormones like serotonin, endorphins, etc.
You can absolutely enjoy your screen time if you must, the problem is when we do it excessively without being mindful of its negative effects on our brain.


If you are one of those who suffer from low energy levels in your life, It’s important to keep in mind that, you cannot increase your energy with 10 cups of coffee a day or with an energy-boosting drink.

Any aspect of our health must be fixed from the root cause itself and not by putting a band-aid which acts as a temporary solution.

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